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Matt Bansak is a Tahoe-based photographer and adventurer who has taken an artistic perspective of the world from a young age. Moving to the area from Vermont in 2011 has allowed him to thrive in his natural element and surround himself with all the beauty Lake Tahoe has to offer. He enjoys the challenge of capturing this place and all of its moods, and also showcasing the many talented athletes who consider it the best playground in the world. Matt is an avid backcountry skier, sailor, kitesurfer, and mountain biker, but enjoys any adventure the day brings. 

Specializing in landscape photography, he also shoots action and adventure, portraits, and weddings. As a photographer, he has accompanied multiple expeditions including Svalbard, the Amazon River, and Antarctica. He has been featured by numerous local and national publications such as Powder Magazine, The Ski Journal, Kiteboarder, and Big Life. Aside from his photo work, Matt works as a programmer and web designer. 

It was so much fun working with you and the pictures look so great, thank you!